Welcome to the Virginia Coastal Fly Angler's Club...A Saltwater Fly Fishing club in Virginia Beach, VA serving the Tidewater Area of Hampton Roads.

Virginia Coastal Fly Angler's Club

Shad Dart

Fly of the Month:
Shad Dart tied by Larry Clemens

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Next General Meeting Date:

March 19th @ 7:30PM

Fly tying sessions begin at 6:30pm

A presentation will be given on Shad on the Rappahannock & Nottaway Rivers
by Mike Buss and Noel Horne.

Meeting Location:

1400 Ewell Rd
Bayside Presbyterian Chuch
Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Upcoming Events!

Please note the following events: WE NEED MEMBERS TO ASSIST WITH CASTING AND TYING

Saturday, March 21, TKA Spring Fly Fling - WE NEED HELP!
Saturday, March 28,Wild Riber Outfitters - WE NEED HELP!

Contact Larry Clemens at lawrenceclemens@gmail.com to volunteer

March 21st....This will be a two part event...RSVP is a must 

10:00am -Noon -Fly Casting lessons - We will need to know if you need a Fly Rod or if you are bringing your own. 
This will be at Bayville Park at Shore Drive and First Court in Virginia Beach

1:30pm meet at Lake Smith to try out your new skills on the Water
(There will be boat passes available at the ramp they are $5 for 1 day)

Virginia Coastal Fly Anglers Club will be on hand for lessons and may even have a fly tying station set up.
Wild River Outfitters has offered to bring Kayaks for people that currently don't have their own.

Again this is a must RSVP event.

There will be a raffle of goodies to benefit PHW: more details later but there will be at least 1 Fly Rod and so much more....

March 28th, Fly Fishing 101 at Wild River Outfitters
We will be teaching basics, knots and casting to beginners at Wild River Outfitters. 
We need help for the knots and casting.  Class times are 10:00AM and 1:30pm.

Next Board Meeting: April 2nd, 7:00pm

All members are welcome to attend.
Please submit presentations to the board:

Email us: VirginiaCoastalFlyAnglers@gmail.com

2014 Board of Directors

Mike Buss
Dave Dembicki
Larry Clemens
Past President:
Kevin Du Bois

Board Members at Large

Chris Burbage
Kendall Osborne
Noel Horne
Ed Owens
Mike LaHorner
Scott Reppert
Ron Russell
Arlene Rephan
Jack Rephan

Virginia Coastal Fly Anglers
P.O. Box 2866
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23450

Email: VirginiaCoastalFlyAnglers@gmail.com

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